Shelter Mutt! Who are WE?!

Welcome to the Shelter Mutt site and our debut blog post!

Please pardon the dust as our site is still under construction.  Shelter Mutt will be fully ‘live’ and full of paw prints in a few weeks.

Shelter Mutt’s main goal is to promote dog adoption. We believe in ‘Shelter Mutt’ pride! We consider any rescue dog a ‘Shelter Mutt’ – from ‘mystery mutts’ to the purebred rescues.

Some of our upcoming blog topics;

Black Dog Syndrome – Sadly, many black or darker colored dogs sit in shelters longer than their lighter fur companions.

Finding the Right Dog – It’s important to fully consider what kind of dog (personality) you want to join you and/or your family. This blog post includes a handy checklist to relieve some of the stress in making this long-term commitment.

Tips on Making Adoption Day and Transition Time Go Smoothly – You brought “Fido” home – now what?!

Bonding Activities for You and Your Shelter Mutt – Ways to bond with your new friend or long-time companion.

Shelter Mutt Pride – Why a Shelter Mutt? This blog post gives kudos to Shelter Dogs and other rescues.

It’s Summer and It’s HOT – Tips on keeping your dog companion cool in the summer heat.

Summer’s DIY and Dog Treat Ideas – Treating your dog to fun summer activities and delicious seasonal treats.

Happy Tail – The trials and tribulations of a happy dog.

Going to the Dog Park – Is it a good idea? If you decide it’s right for you and your dog – brush up on Dog Park Etiquette.

Purebred Rescues – Want to adopt but have your heart set on a specific breed? No problem, let’s talk about Purebred Rescue groups.

The Shelter Mutt website encourages community through our Adoption Story menu tab (please send us your Adoption stories for consideration through our contact page).

Our Media tab will have reviews and discussions about new movies, books and other relevant media (we’d love to hear your thoughts/reviews).

We are featuring different dog shelters under our Adopt menu. If you are ready to adopt please consider clicking on our featured Shelter’s link and see if one of their ‘Shelter Mutts’ would be a good fit for you!

In addition, we will have our Recipe tab and Download tab up soon so please come back to join our community and find wonderful information, tips, recipes, DIY projects and other furry related information.

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  1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to check out your blog. I love you first post. It’s completely clear what your about and giving us a sneak peak of upcoming blogs makes me excited for more! Keep up the great work and if you need anything, please let me know.

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