Shelter Mutt’s Vision

Shelter Mutt wants to help dogs find their ‘furever’ home. We do this by promoting dog adoption. Not only adorable ‘mystery mutts’ but purebred rescues as well! Additionally, we believe in promoting spay/neutering responsibility and Shelter Mutt Pride!

Shelter Mutt’s goal is to Educate and Entertain

All dog lovers welcome here! We encourage leaving your own ‘paw print’ on the Shelter Mutt site through blog topic suggestions and comments. This is a place where dog lovers can gather to share pictures and stories of their Shelter Mutt rescues, find adoptable dogs and be entertained.

Meet the Team

Hello, I’m Mindy and have been a passionate animal advocate since my childhood. I am always eager to connect with others who share a passion for their furry friends, and to continue learning, growing, and making a difference together. My “team” wouldn’t be complete without the amazing canines that have touched my life, both those who have passed and the incredible dogs I am privileged to have in my life today, as pictured below;

Grizzlie – Collie/Chow/Mystery Mutt (AKA: ‘Shelter Mutt Extraordinaire’)


Finley – Shepherd/Chihuahua mix – (Our little guy with a BIG attitude)


Teddy – Pyrenees Mix (Who loves the sound of his own ‘WOOF’)

Blog suggestions and feedback…

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