Shelter Mutt Valentine’s Treat

Shelter Mutt Valentine's Day Treat

Valentine’s Day is not just for people – spoil your Shelter Mutt with a Banana/Strawberry frozen treat!

Grizzlie recently went for his yearly check up and vaccinations. The vet mentioned he had put on a couple pounds since his last visit (of course, I reminded him that Grizz wasn’t even a year old at his previous visit!) However, I don’t want Grizz having weight issues and although he loves playing in the snow – the Midwest winter hinders his social life and active play dates.

To give Grizz and Savannah a fun Valentine’s day sweet – I decided to go low-cal, healthy and RED.

The simple ingredients in this easy-to-make delicious treat and the benefits:

Bananas; a good source of potassium (great for your Shelter Mutt’s heart health), magnesium (produces serotonin – the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemical), vitamins C and B6, fiber, biotin (health benefits for skin and hair) and copper.

Shelter Mutt's Valentine Day Treat
Only thing Grizzlie liked better than the small heart treats? The bigger ones!

Strawberries; good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, antioxidants and enzymes (beneficial for your dog’s teeth and gums).

Warnings – limit sugary foods to ‘treats’ – otherwise tooth decay can become an issue. Bananas can cause headaches or constipation in dogs so monitor your dog’s reaction to any new food. Take note if your Shelter Mutt seems to be having tummy troubles as strawberries can be hard on some dogs.

The simple recipe;

2 bananas

8-10 strawberries

a little water to blend (a quarter to half cup works well)

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix. Pour into a silicone mold and freeze. (Put mold on a cookie sheet for stability) After freezing, pop out and give to your Shelter Mutt.  You can freeze the extra treats in a freezer bag to save for later.

Savannah, a more discerning Shelter Mutt, took a few licks and walked away.
Mason Jar Valentine's Day Shelter Mutt Treat
The best part of this vegan, gluten free treat? I froze some of the leftovers to enjoy with my Shelter Mutts



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  1. The treats look delicious – and yummy! I’m sure they enjoyed them. And healthy for them too!

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